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Granite oil lamps

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These stunning oil lamps crafted from granite will look good in any garden, large or small, and can even be placed on a balcony in the centre of a table.

Standard lamp oil can be used with these granite oil lamps.

Oil lamp set-up

It is simple to fuel your oil lamp.

1. Lift the wick assembly from the oil container.
2. Leave the wick inside stainless insert.
3. Place a funnel into the wick hole in the top of the container.
4. Slowly pour oil into the reservoir. Do not overfill.
5. Guide wick assembly into wick hole.
6. Allow 30 minutes for the wick to absorb the oil.
7. Adjust the wick level to approx 6mm above the wick holder. If the wick is too high the oil lamp may smoke.

Safety tips

•  Every oil lamp container is hand inspected for possible leaks.
•  Please handle the oil lamp with care.
•  Do not carry when the oil lamp is lit.
•  Keep out of reach of children and pets.
•  Always use caution when using oil lamps or any open flame.