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Mycorrhizal fungi

Friendly mycorrhizal fungi

There is a fungi that has been around for 400 million years that is friendly for your garden. This fungi has a close relationship with 90% of all trees and plants and the name for this is mycorrhiza meaning "fungus root". This relationship has benefits for both parties with the fungi providing the roots with needed water and nutrients, and the roots providing the fungi with needed sugars and food.

Mycorrhizal fungi (friendly mycorrhizal fungi) from rootgrow™ is a completely natural and organic product that enables virtually all garden plants to grow healthier and stronger.

Key benefits of planting with rootgrow™ products;

•  Feeds your plants for their lifetime - finds more water, finds more nutrients
•  Earlier and better growth of newly planted or transplanted plants and trees
•  Reduced requirement for high inputs of fertilisers
•  Increased tolerance to heat and drought conditions
•  Increased tolerance to adverse soil conditions e.g. high acidic or alkaline soils
•  Healthy, sustainable growth and development for the whole garden
•  Greater resistance to soil diseases
•  A naturally-based, environmentally-friendly garden product

rootgrow™ friendly mycorrhizal fungi is produced with 100% UK origin mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizal fungi is a product of nature that is found all over the world and means that mycorrhizal fungi from one country, in this case UK, can be used in another country with different climates and conditions without any problems. As with everything in nature the fungi will adapt to the climate along with the host plant or tree.

Unlike other mycorrhizal fungi products on the market rootgrow™ friendly mycorrhizal fungi contains two types of mycorrhizal fungi, Ecto and Endo. What this means is that more plant and tree types will be benefit from a sprinkling of rootgrow™. A list of the most common plants and trees can be downloaded from the link below.

Plant - Tree types and their mycorrhizal fungi association (EN)

In nature any plant or tree that is older than 3, 4 or 5 years should have naturally picked up mycorrhizal fungi from the environment. But why wait 3, 4 or 5 years when a sprinkle of rootgrow™ friendly mycorrhizal fungi will colonise the plant's or tree's roots within 2-4 weeks and produce a secondary fungal root system, increasing the effective root area by up to 700 times, that extends out into the soil to extract water, minerals and nutrients.